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Wednesday Nanny - 4442NannyRadlettFrom £12 per hourPart time1Yes daily4442Wednesday 930am - 630pm
Nanny Housekeeper in West Norwood - 4433Nanny HousekeeperWest NorwoodFrom £10-15 per hour, depending on experienceFull time3Not required but preferred4433Flexible according to candidate's preferences - between 16-24 hours, over 2 to 3 days. Ideally 20 ho...
Nanny or Nanny Housekeeper Position - 4432Nanny;Nanny HousekeeperWaltham CrossFrom £9-15 per hourPart time3Yes but only for their own mobility - not requirement of the job4432Negotiable - If nanny, -2-3 days per week. If Nanny housekeeper, more hours can be added for houseke...
Full time Nanny - 4430NannyHighbury£15 per hourFull time5No4430Guaranteed 35 hours per week, Monday to Friday, with some weeks longer (50+), due to flexible work s...
3 day Nanny - 4406NannyWest Ealing£10-13 per hour, depending on experiencePart time3Not required but preferred44068am-6pm Wednesday to Friday.
Summer Live out Nanny Housekeeper - 3141Nanny HousekeeperUitdam€15-20 per hour.Temporary5Not required but preferred;Yes but only for their own mobility - not requirement of the job31418am-3pm
Full time Nanny - 4440NannyWestminster£14-16 per hourFull time5No44406.30am to 6. 30pm, five days a week
Live-out Nanny-Housekeeper - 4420.Nanny HousekeeperCambridge£500-650 per week, depending on experienceFull time5Yes daily442050 per week, Monday to Friday and occasional weekends, agreed in advance
Full time Nanny/PA/Tutor - 4115Nanny PA;Tutor / GovernessHerrliberg4000CHF per monthFull time5Yes daily411540
3.5 day Nanny in Barnes - 4437Nanny;Junior NannyBarnes£12-14.50 per hour, depending on experiencePart time3Not required but preferred4437Monday - 7:45am - 6/6:30pm Tuesday - 7:45am - 6/6:30pm Wednesday - 7:45am - 6/6:30pm Thursday - TBC ...
Live-in Junior Nanny - 8008Junior NannyMuswell Hillup to £10 per hourFull time5No800835
Live-in Nanny/Junior Nanny - 9211Nanny;Junior NannyChiswick511Full time5Yes daily921160
Live-in Junior Nanny - 9232Junior NannyMortlake£10 per hourPart time5No923230
German Speaking Part-time Nanny/Tutor - 4418Nanny;Tutor / GovernessLondon£15/£16 per hourPart time2No4418- 3 hours x 2 days per week - 1 hour each visit will be teaching beginner German to the mother and 2...
3 day Nanny from August - 4422NannyHarefieldSalary from £12 per hour, depending on experiencePart time3Not required but preferred44223 days per week - Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 7am to 7pm.
After-school Junior Nanny - 4425Junior NannyCanary Wharf£12 per hour, or £180 per week.Part time5Yes daily44253:30 to 6:00/6:30 Monday to Friday during the school term.